Use UT box with Commandline

What is UT Box

UTBox is a campus-wide service that allows faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas at Austin to use Box cloud-based file sharing for business and academic purposes.

UTBox can be accessed via or from

By default, faculty, staff and student users are provisioned accounts with no quota limits, althought it only supports a maximum file size of 15 GB for each single file.

How to use it



lftp is needed. It can be installed simply with sudo apt-get install lftp.


To access Box by FTP, you must create an external password at Box.

After login to the web portal of UT box, from the drop-down menu on the top right, click Account Settings.

Then scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see an option of create external password (I’ve already created the password, so I can only change the existing password here). Create an external password.

Connect to ftp server

  1. Open a terminal, type in lftp.

  2. Connect to the server: open

  3. Login: login (replace yourEID with your actual UT EID)

  4. Enter the external password you created.

  5. Now you should successfully login to the ftp server. You can try ls to see if you succeed.

Upload and download files

lftp supports some common shell commands like ls, cd, mkdir, you can type in help to see all the commands. You can further type help {command} to see the instruction for a certain command.


put [OPTS] <lfile> [-o <rfile>]: Upload <lfile> with remote name <rfile>. The relative path to <lfile> is with respect to the directory where you run lftp.

You can type help put to see a more detailed instruction.


get [OPTS] <rfile> [-o <lfile>]: Retrieve remote file <rfile> and store it to local file <lfile>. The relative path to <lfile> is with respect to the directory where you run lftp.

You can type help get to see a more detailed instruction.

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