Zhenyu Jiang

I am a PhD student at UT Austin, advised by Professor Yuke Zhu. Previously I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University. My research lies at the intersection of robotics and computer vision.

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ACID: Action-Conditional Implicit Visual Dynamics for Deformable Object Manipulation
Bokui Shen, Zhenyu Jiang, Christopher Choy, Leonidas J. Guibas, Silvio Savarese, Anima Anandkumar, Yuke Zhu
RSS, 2022 (Best Student Paper Award Nominee, Long talk)  
project page / arXiv

Ditto: Building Digital Twins of Articulated Objects from Interaction
Zhenyu Jiang, Cheng-Chun Hsu, Yuke Zhu
CVPR, 2022 (Oral Presentation)  
project page / arXiv / code

Synergies Between Affordance and Geometry: 6-DoF Grasp Detection via Implicit Representations
Zhenyu Jiang, Yifeng Zhu, Maxwell Svetlik, Kuan Fang, Yuke Zhu
RSS, 2021  
project page / arXiv / video / code

DeformSyncNet: Deformation Transfer via Synchronized Shape Deformation Spaces
Minhyuk Sung*, Zhenyu Jiang*, Panos Achlioptas, Niloy J. Mitra, Leonidas J. Guibas
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2021  
project page / arXiv / code

Deep Face Super-Resolution with Iterative Collaboration between Attentive Recovery and Landmark Estimation
Cheng Ma, Zhenyu Jiang, Yongming Rao, Jiwen Lu, Jie Zhou
CVPR, 2020  
arXiv / code

Semg-based tremor severity evaluation for parkinson's disease using a light-weight cnn
Zengyi Qin*, Zhenyu Jiang*, Jiansheng Chen, Chunhua Hu, Yu Ma
IEEE Signal Processing Letters  

  • RSS 2022 Best Student Paper Award Finalist: ACID: Action-Conditional Implicit Visual Dynamics for Deformable Object Manipulation
  • IEEE-CVPR 2022 Outstanding Reviewer
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    Reviewer for CVPR, ICCV, CoRL, RSS, TIP, etc.
    Fall 2021, Teaching Assistant, CS391R Robot Learning, UT Austin

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